With climate change presenting emerging legal challenges for companies in many different industry sectors, Wiley has taken a leading position in offering legislative and regulatory capabilities to clients on climate change and global warming issues.  Members of the firm have testified on Capitol Hill and presented proposals at domestic and international conferences.  We have been deeply involved in all aspects of the policy debate surrounding this complex issue, on both the national and international level, and combine our policy skills with extensive unmatched experience in related existing programs under the Montreal Protocol (ozone depletion), Clean Air Act (CAA) (ozone depletion), establishment of national ambient air quality standards, enforcement of preconstruction review, acid rain control, and various California programs and initiatives. 

Wiley assists companies in assessing and mitigating potential governmental burdens associated with controls on greenhouse gas emissions through both legislative and regulatory routes.  This includes representing the nation's largest steel manufacturer and other companies and trade associations on legislative and administrative policy issues relating to climate change, particularly ongoing participation in the legislative process, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule-makings, and related activities. We also counsel clients on how to take advantage of the business opportunities that proposals in this arena may present.  Our knowledge of existing emission/allowance systems and international trade law gives us an advantage in assisting clients with issues relating to the development and implementation of cap-and-trade programs for greenhouse gas emissions at the federal, state, and international levels.  In addition, we advise on requirements concerning control of refrigerants, notably providing successful representation to one of the nation's largest bakers in a major CAA refrigerant enforcement case.

In addition, businesses are increasingly interested in using voluntary offsets and production improvements to market their products and their companies as environmentally responsible and "carbon neutral."  We provide counsel to companies on voluntary carbon offsets, renewable energy certificates, energy efficiency programs, and the legal limits of environmental advertising and marketing.

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