Wiley’s Global Disputes Group is distinctively creative and effective, with a track record of high-profile wins in multi-million and multi-billion-dollar matters involving international companies and sovereign entities. We take a strategic approach to complex, multi-pronged, and multi-fora disputes, using unique procedural and substantive tactics tailored to achieve our client’s goals. For example, Wiley obtained the first ever foreign anti-suit injunction against a foreign sovereign in the history of the U.S. courts.

We handle a wide array of matters, from international commercial and treaty arbitration to complex commercial litigation involving issues of foreign and international law, across a range of industries, including energy and natural resources, mining, real estate, construction, defense, government contracts, telecommunications, and many others.

Flexible, cost-effective, and responsive, the Group consistently exceeds client expectations in high-stakes, bet-the-company matters. Wiley’s collaborative culture ensures clients benefit from the firm’s resources. The Group works seamlessly with other practices inside the firm and has developed a network of external contacts with leading counsel and experts across the world. 

Illustrative Representations:

  • A New York-based real estate developer in an international arbitration against a prominent South Korean construction company over ownership rights to one-third of a newly constructed, smart city and in a related suit in the U.S. courts.
  • A U.S.-Guinean company in an international arbitration with multiple global mining companies over shipping rights.
  • A global defense company in litigation in the United States and Korean courts related to the sale of F-16 fighter jets under the Foreign Military Sales Program.
  • A satellite company in an international arbitration against an international organization over funding obligations.
  • A renewable energy firm in parallel international arbitrations seated in London and Singapore with its Asian partner over best-efforts sales obligations.
  • An oil and gas company in a dispute with a Central European state over ownership and exploration rights.
  • An oil and gas consortium in a dispute with an African state over tax claims and ownership rights.
  • An oil and gas company in a dispute with a Latin American state over allegations of fraudulent conspiracy, abuse of rights and denial of justice.
  • An east African bank in an ownership and financing dispute over a cement plant.
  • An Indian solar panel company in a Singapore-seated supply of goods arbitration with a German manufacturer.
  • An Indian company in a CIETAC-seated arbitration in a supply of goods dispute with a Chinese supplier.
  • A leading technology company in proceedings against ICANN to obtain its -name top level domain brand name.
  • A U.S.-based domain registry operator in proceedings against ICANN to obtain top level domain names.
  • U.S. litigation involving breach of contract and business tort claims between two of the world’s four largest defense contractors stemming from an international project.
  • An American lobbying firm in a civil RICO and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act case involving allegations of computer hacking by the State of Qatar.
  • An international defense contractor in an Anti-Terrorism Act case involving allegations of paying the Taliban in Afghanistan.
  • A major German telecommunications company in a breach of contract case involving internet peering agreements.
  • Korean construction company with claims against U.S. AID for roadway infrastructure work done in Indonesia.
  • U.S. apparel brand owner and licensor in an international arbitration with its European distributor regarding trademark infringement and royalty payments.
  • A shipping company in a multi-million-dollar misappropriation of trade secrets case against global defense company related to military project in the U.S. courts.
  • A European satellite operating company against a major European aerospace company in an international arbitration.
  • A South American pharmaceutical company in an international arbitration against leading U.S. pharmaceutical company involving a dispute under a supply agreement and related patent issues.
  • A French transportation company in a worldwide securities class action.
  • A defense contractor in a multi-million dollar class action arbitration involving wage claims by fire and rescue employees during the Iraq War.
  • U.S. based multinational corporation in litigation related to alleged fraud, false claims, human trafficking, and violations of Kuwaiti law. 

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