Wiley provides comprehensive services for insurers that issue commercial crime insurance policies and fidelity bonds, including:

  • Working with insurers and their forensic accountants in their evaluation of proof of loss;
  • Assisting insurers with fact and coverage investigations, including interviewing witnesses, posing targeted written questions to insureds and their representatives, as well as communicating with law enforcement personnel;
  • In the event of a dispute, representing insurers in state and federal trial and appellate courts across the country or otherwise reaching negotiated resolutions;
  • Counseling insurers on developing new products that address rapidly evolving technologies; and
  • Drafting and updating terms and conditions of coverage.

Our attorneys assist insurers with matters involving a broad array of commercial insureds, including large corporations and small partnerships, established enterprises and start-up companies, and sophisticated businesses and “mom and pop” shops. These insureds include banks and other financial institutions, title and escrow agents, law firms, accounting firms, hospitals, medical practices, retailers, restaurants, manufacturers, and product distributors.

Specific recent representative matters include:

  • Coverage dispute regarding multimillion-dollar employee theft claim in connection with an insured’s factory in China.
  • Coverage dispute regarding a massive inventory loss at the insured’s smartphone and tablet return and refurbishment warehouse.
  • Coverage dispute in connection with a high-dollar computer fraud claim involving an insured vendor in China.
  • Coverage disputes regarding claims for social engineering losses, totaling millions of dollars.
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