Reminder: Deadlines Approaching for Channel Sharing Stations

October 11, 2017

Several deadlines are approaching in the coming months for television stations that submitted a successful bid to relinquish their spectrum in the broadcast television incentive auction and either: (i) entered into a pre-auction channel sharing agreement; or (ii) indicated an intent to channel share on their incentive auction applications (“channel sharee stations”).

  • Channel sharee stations must discontinue operations on their pre-auction channel by January 23, 2018.
  • If a channel sharee station intends to channel share with another station on or before January 23, 2018, it must file an application for a construction permit 60 days before it intends to begin sharing (and in no event later than November 24, 2017).
  • If a channel sharee station desires to continue broadcasting on its pre-auction channel after January 23, 2018, it should file a request for a waiver of the discontinuance deadline as soon as possible (and in no event later than November 24, 2017). Stations that do not expect to file an application for a construction permit to channel share by November 24, 2017, must request a waiver of the construction permit deadline no later than October 25, 2017.

For assistance submitting a waiver request or if you have any questions about the channel sharing deadlines or the post-auction transition, please contact the Wiley Rein attorney who regularly handles your FCC matters or one of the attorneys listed on this client alert.

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