With March 30 Deadline Nearing, FCC Issues IP Captioning Reminder

March 28, 2013

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a reminder Wednesday that March 30, 2013 is the deadline to close caption all live and near-live programming delivered via Internet Protocol (IP) that has previously been shown on television with captions. As we've detailed in a prior Client Alert, the March 30 date is the second benchmark under the IP captioning rules. September 30, 2012 marked the deadline for IP captioning of prerecorded programming not edited for Internet distribution.

The FCC's definition of "live" or "near-live" captures all programming performed simultaneously or recorded within 24 hours of its first transmission to a video programming distributor, including newscasts and sporting events subject to the closed captioning rules. Provided they do not make up "substantially all" of a full-length program in the aggregate, online video clips are exempt from the IP captioning rules.

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