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Why rebrand? 

The firm has changed significantly over the years – so we set out to create a new logo, imagery, and wiley.law website that capture where we are today and where we are going. Through the rebrand process, we sought to mirror the firm’s collegial culture and client-focused mindset, and to clearly define our diverse collection of elite practices. Over our nearly four decades, we have become a Washington institution and a well-respected name among many of the world’s largest companies, business groups, and associations – and we are at the forefront of shaping the legal and regulatory frameworks for emerging industries. Our new brand brings these fundamental elements together to celebrate our collaborative culture, our contagious energy, and our leadership across countless industries. We’ve distilled all of these objectives down to two key concepts. 


Our new brand identity 

Our brand is much more than our logo. It’s a visual representation of the commitment we uphold to our culture, our values, and our laser-sharp focus across every engagement and interaction. We achieve exceptional results for clients, and we developed our distinctive, memorable new brand to match our standard of excellence. The enhanced website, along with all supporting collateral, has a more engaging, contemporary, and forward-looking design. The new brand better conveys our identity as a firm today, and celebrates our past, present, and future. 


Why wiley.law 

With a redesigned look and a signature “.law” domain, our new website empowers us to lead the way for the future of law firms. Our new .law address reflects more precisely what our firm does, and the site is optimized to provide a seamless experience for clients. Ultimately, wiley.law showcases the work we deliver on behalf of and in collaboration with our clients, all powered by 16 core practice areas and more than 240 attorneys. The website’s “Insights” section features our latest news and a curated collection of articles, advisories, blog posts, podcasts, and an on-demand webinar channel with more than 200 webinars. 

Our new brand includes all the elements of a typical rebrand – new logo, website visual presentation, and client experience. But as a trailblazer in the legal industry, committed to staying ahead of the curve and embracing technological advancements, we’ve decided the time has come to break through the boundary of the traditional .com domain. We’ve embraced the new .law domain (which is regulated and assigned only to law firms) as an alternative to the overpopulated and unregulated .com domain field. As the first Am Law 200 firm to use .law as its primary domain, we believe this move will provide numerous advantages, along with an opportunity for enhanced engagement and ownership of our new brand identity.  

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What happens now?

We set out to create a brand that would carry us forward, and we’ve built a framework that enables you – our clients, friends, and partners – to stay on pace with quick access to our resources. Below are a few questions that may have crossed your mind. We’re here to help. 

Will the firm’s contact information remain the same? 

The firm’s legal name (Wiley Rein LLP), phone numbers, and street address will remain the same; however, our website URL and our email addresses have changed to wiley.law. The old email addresses will continue to work, but our new email signatures will include updated vCards, which you can use to easily update our contact information. In the interim, we encourage you to update your records to reflect our new email addresses (FirstInitialLastName@wiley.law) and website (wiley.law).

How do I make out checks or address the firm in legal correspondence? 

Checks or any other correspondence can be addressed to either Wiley or Wiley Rein. 

Who should I reach out to if I have additional questions or concerns?

We are here to help. Please reach out to newbrand@wiley.law with any questions.

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