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Megan Brown Authors National Security Institute’s White Paper on Public-Private Cybersecurity Partnerships

October 11, 2018

Washington, DCMegan L. Brown, partner in Wiley Rein’s Telecom, Media & Technology and Privacy & Cybersecurity practices, authored a white paper published today by the National Security Institute (NSI) at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School. This paper comes at an important time, as policymakers look at supply chain threats, software and hardware vulnerabilities, collective defense, and protecting the United States’ innovation base and critical infrastructure.

The white paper, “Cyber Imperative: Preserve and Strengthen Public-Private Partnerships,” examines the:

  • Importance of public-private partnerships to U.S. cybersecurity policy and law.
  • Benefits of collaboration and partnership – domestically and abroad – over regulation and mandates.
  • Challenges to cooperation, such as limitations in current law, the overlap in government cyber activities, and fear of post-hoc recrimination.
  • Ways that policymakers can foster collaboration through creative solutions.

“Policymakers should double down on successful partnerships,” said Ms. Brown. “The United States needs to think big and pursue creative solutions to foster more partnerships and work collectively to address security challenges.” 

The paper explains the importance of public private partnerships to U.S. cybersecurity policy and argues that policymakers should embrace and strengthen that model, and avoid pursuing regulatory or other models that will erode trust.

To read the full white paper, please click here.

Ms. Brown – who served in the U.S. Department of Justice as Counsel to two U.S. Attorneys General is an NSI Senior Fellow and Associate Director for Cybersecurity Programs. Additionally, she is co-author of a pivotal IoT Security Report published by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  She serves on the U.S. Chamber’s Cybersecurity Leadership Council and is on the Board of the Women’s High-Tech Coalition.

Other members of the firm’s Cybersecurity Team researched and drafted the paper, including Matthew J. Gardner, Kathleen E. Scott, and Michael L. Diakiwski.

Wiley Rein’s Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice provides clients with a thorough understanding of the current and potential obligations and risks that are associated with privacy, data security, and cybersecurity, along with a comprehensive range of compliance and strategic advice, from advice for Boards and senior management to managing government investigations into security incidents. We cover emerging technology and security trends at our blog,, where we also host regular podcasts on technology law and policy, including cybersecurity.

NSI serves as a platform for research, teaching, scholarship, and policy development that incorporates a realistic assessment of the threats facing the United States and its allies, as well as an appreciation of the legal challenges facing the U.S. intelligence, defense, law enforcement, homeland security, and cybersecurity communities.  With a robust Board and a large class of distinguished visiting fellows, NSI supports thought leadership on a variety of national security challenges. For more information, visit NSI’s website.

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Patricia O'Connell
Senior Communications Manager

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