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Election Law Co-Chair Michael Toner Discusses Super PACs

The Washington Post
January 5, 2012

Michael Toner, co-chair of the Election Law & Government Ethics Practice, was interviewed by The Washington Post for a story on the dearth of rules regulating super PAC donations after a political candidate drops out of the race.

The Post reports there is no precedentbecause this is the first campaign allowing independent groups to help a single candidate.  The article adds that the most likely outcome is for the leftover money to flow toward whoever the super PAC’s candidate endorses.

With that possibility, Mr. Toner said several candidates could benefit from the winnowing of the field.  “Romney’s in good shape—it’s the other candidates who could use the help,” said Mr. Toner.  “There’s a clear need by a few of these candidates for super-PAC help, and the opportunity exists both politically and legally to make that happen quickly.”

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