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Election Law Co-Chair Michael Toner Highlighted in Politico Video Series on Money and Politics

October 26, 2011

Election Law & Government Ethics Practice co-chair Michael Toner was featured in Politico’s week-long video series on money and politics. In his interview, Mr. Toner expressed his desire to see limits on campaign contributions eliminated. “In my ideal world, you’d lift the limits, have real-time disclosure and let these candidates have at it,” he explained. “People can take stock of the money that individuals or companies or trade associations give. They can determine how comfortable they are with that. There’s the disclosure side of it,” Mr. Toner continued. “The almost endless fundraising in which members of Congress today engage is one of the perverse realities of contribution limits,” Mr. Toner—who is a former Federal Election Commission Chairman—added. “If candidates could receive larger contributions, they’d spend less time and effort raising money and more time legislating and representing constituents,” he said.

Click here to watch the video and read the full interview.

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