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Managing Partner Richard Wiley Discusses FCC Reaction to the Obama Administration's Position on Regulation

Communications Daily
February 7, 2011

Managing partner Richard Wiley was quoted commenting on the Federal Communications Commissions' (FCC) support of President Barack Obama's anti-regulation initiatives. In the article, FCC chairman Julius Genachowski is quoted in an email to staff supporting the moves that President Obama has made to measure the effectiveness of regulations. Some have argued that Chairman Genachowski has been overly regulatory, while others have maintained that he has managed to find the right balance. Industry experts have been watching to see if the Commission will make changes due to pressure from the administration. "Broadcasters' arguments that they're regulated more than other media could be used as a basis for deregulation," Mr. Wiley-who is a former FCC Chairman-said.  "This is an opportunity for the FCC to step up and say 'we think this is a time to look at lessening these regulations and let everyone compete on a level playing field,' as the 3rd U.S. Court of Appeals considers the last ownership order," he added. "If the commission is looking for some reforms and an opportunity to move on them, it should impose fewer and more targeted conditions on deals that come before it," Mr. Wiley said. "The whole idea of this voluntary conditions thing I think has gotten a little bit out of hand though deal-specific curbs are fine," he said. "It's like earmarks-you can get bipartisan agreement maybe that some of this has gotten out of hand," he concluded.

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