Alert | december 7, 2021

Georgia Federal Court Issues Nationwide Injunction of Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate
Authors: Olaoluwaposi O. Oshinowo, Eric W. Leonard, Craig Smith

Alert | december 1, 2021

Kentucky Federal Court Enjoins Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate in KY, OH, and TN
Authors: Olaoluwaposi O. Oshinowo, Craig Smith, Eric W. Leonard, Amanda Blain

Alert | November 19, 2021

New Florida Law Limits Private Employer Vaccination Mandates; Creates Headaches for Employers Subject to Federal Requirements
Authors: Olaoluwaposi O. Oshinowo, Eric W. Leonard, Amanda Blain

Alert | November 8, 2021

Fifth Circuit Order Halts OSHA Vax-Or-Test Emergency Standard
Author: Olaoluwaposi O. Oshinowo

Alert | November 5, 2021

OSHA Issues Emergency Temporary Standard Requiring Businesses with Over 100 Employees to Implement Vax-or-Test Policies
Authors: Olaoluwaposi O. Oshinowo, Martha G. Vázquez

ALERT | November 2, 2021

Notable Updates on EO 14042 Compliance From the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force
Authors: Craig SmithOlaoluwaposi O. Oshinowo

ALERT | October 29, 2021

States File Suits Challenging Federal Vaccine Mandate Under EO 14042
Authors: Eric W. LeonardNicole E. GilesMartha G. Vázquez

ALERT | October 25, 2021

Updates to the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force’s Guidance for Contractors Aim to Provide Some Clarity Concerning Accommodations
Authors: Eric W. LeonardKara M. SacilottoCraig SmithOlaoluwaposi O. Oshinowo

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BLOOMBERG LAW ARTICLE | October 14, 2021 (subscription required)

Do Federal Contractor Covid-19 Obligations Apply to Your Workers?
Author: Craig Smith

ALERT | October 6, 2021

Federal Agencies Roll Out Class Deviations for Contractor Vaccination Requirements
Authors: Craig SmithEric W. Leonard

PODCAST | October 4, 2021

GovExec Daily: Federal Contractors and the Vaccine Mandate
Authors: Eric W. LeonardMartha G. Vázquez

ALERT | September 27, 2021

Task Force Guidance Sets Out Broad Reach of EO 14042’s Requirements for Contractor Employee Vaccinations
Authors: Eric W. LeonardCraig SmithNicole E. GilesMartha G. Vázquez

GOVEXEC ARTICLE | September 22, 2021

Potential Traps for Federal Contractors with the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
Authors: Todd A. BrombergMartha G. Vázquez

ALERT | September 15, 2021

Biden Mandates Vaccines for Federal Contractors, Signals Coming Mandates for Businesses with Over 100 Employees
Authors: Todd A. BrombergEric W. LeonardNicole E. GilesMartha G. Vázquez

ALERT | August 13, 2021

D.C. Vaccination Mandate Will Likely Require Action from Contractors in the Coming Weeks
Authors: Olaoluwaposi O. Oshinowo

ALERT | July 30, 2021

New COVID-19 Related Mandates May Require D.C. Employers and Federal Contractors to Revise Existing Policies
Authors: Olaoluwaposi O. OshinowoEric W. Leonard

ALERT | December 21, 2020

A Prickly Situation: Employer-Mandated Vaccinations in a Global Pandemic
Authors: Todd A. Bromberg, Craig Smith, Brian Walsh, Olaoluwaposi O. OshinowoMartha G. Vázquez

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