How the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 Affects You

March 27, 2002

What's New for Individuals:
i. Higher contribution limits to candidates and parties.

ii. Higher aggregate contribution limits.

iii. Ban on contributions by minors.

iv. Ban on "soft money" contributions to national political party committees.

v. "Electioneering communications" can trigger FEC reports.

What's New for Corporations:
i. Ban on "soft money" contributions to national political party committees.

ii. Partial ban on the uses of "soft money" contributions to state, district, and local political party committees.

iii. Higher individual contributions limits for officers and directors.

iv. Ban on using corporate funds for certain issue ads, or "electioneering communications."

What's New for PACs:
i. Altered "coordination" requirements.

ii. No indexing of contributions to/from PACs.

iii. Reporting requirements for certain issue advertising or "electioneering communications."

iv. Longer statute of limitations.

What's New for Non-profit Organizations:
i. Ban on contributions or solicitations by parties, their officers and agents if organization involved in "federal election activity."

ii. Limits on fund-raising by federal candidates and officeholders for "federal election activity."

iii. Ban on "electioneering communications" by organizations receiving corporate or union funds.

iv. Reporting requirements for groups who pay for "electioneering communications."

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