Streamlining the Equipment Authorization Procedure: FCC Designates Thirteen Telecommunications Certification Bodies

June 2000

The FCC has designated 13 Telecommunication Certification Bodies (TCBs) to approve certain RF and telephone terminal devices. The TCB Program eliminates the need for foreign and domestic manufacturers to obtain approval directly from the FCC before marketing their equipment in the United States. Manufacturers may now use either a designated TCB or the FCC to approve their equipment. The TCB program is expected to speed the introduction of new products by allowing for quicker product approval.

The FCC hopes that the TCB program will reduce the number of applications filed with the FCC and enable the Commission to redirect resources toward enforcement of its rules. Although the FCC will continue to perform its own surveillance of products on the market, the TCBs are obligated to ensure that products they certify continue to comply with the certification requirements, particularly after a manufacturer has informed a TCB of product modifications. A TCB can perform testing itself or subcontract a portion or all of the required tests to an independent test lab. In the latter case, the TCB is charged with monitoring the reliability of all testing performed by the subcontractor.

For further information on the TCB program or for a list of the TCBs and the products they can approve, please contact,, or

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