Order the 2021 edition of Wiley’s State Lobbying & Gift Law Guide now! The Guide provides a comprehensive summary of lobbying and gift laws in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Revised in full each year to incorporate not only statutory and regulatory changes, but interpretations of the law, our Guide provides an invaluable reference for corporate counsel as well as state government affairs departments, government sales departments, and others to determine whether your organization’s contemplated state-level activities are permissible and what registration and reporting requirements might apply, in addition to pertinent gift rules. Our in-depth Guide is unique on the market – it includes citations to relevant authority, but unlike other guides, we provide analysis based on advisory opinions and relevant interpretations of law issued on a state-by-state basis.

The Guide is written in a narrative format for legal practitioners and non-practitioners alike. Its focus is on clarity, organization, and comprehension. Among other information, each state-specific section includes a discussion of the following:

  • The definition of Legislative and Executive branch, procurement, and grassroots lobbying and how the administrative agencies have interpreted the definitions, including exemptions;
  • The threshold for registration and reporting as a lobbyist and as a lobbyist employer as well as an explanation of the process;
  • The registration, reporting, and disclaimer requirements applicable to grassroots lobbying;
  • The general and specific gift rules applicable to legislative and executive branch officials and employees, including those applicable to lobbyist and lobbyist employers; and
  • Special gift and campaign finance rules applicable to lobbyists, lobbyist employers, and vendors.

The Guide is available for purchase either as a subscription service by jurisdiction or as a complete set. Subscribers can access the materials through our web portal. You can view a sample of the content available through the web portal here.

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