Pennsylvania Establishes Executive Branch Lobbying Rules

May 2006

Acting where the state legislature so far has not, Governor Edward Rendell of Pennsylvania established new executive branch lobbying rules by executive order on March 15, 2006. Pennsylvania has been without a state-wide lobbying statute of any kind since the state supreme court declared the old regime void in 2002.

Effective April 1, 2006, the Executive Order amends the Executive Branch Code of Conduct and can be found at Registration also can be accomplished through the Governor's Office of Administration website.

The new rules cover all aspects of executive branch lobbying, including grassroots lobbying as well as certain efforts to influence "the awarding, rejection or rescission of a grant, loan or contract or amendment thereto." There are a number of exceptions to the coverage of the new rules, including an exception for certain in-house employees. There also is a registration salary or payment threshold of $2,500 per calendar quarter.

Under the new Executive Order, registration is to be accomplished five days before lobbying. Reporting is to be done on a quarterly basis.

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