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Jan Baran Discusses Voter ID Lawsuits

August 10, 2012

Jan Baran, co-chair of Wiley Rein’s Election Law & Government Ethics Practice, was interviewed by CNN on the growing number of partisan legal showdowns brewing in battleground states over new laws that are changing the voting process.

CNN reported that “this year's fight has gotten ugly, especially in the hotly contested states of Florida and Pennsylvania, where there are high-profile fights over new voter identification laws, and Ohio, where President Barack Obama’s and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaigns are locked in a showdown over early voting.”

Mr. Baran said that the increased scrutiny and partisan fighting over voting laws is a direct result of the 2000 Florida recount. Twelve years later, states and campaigns have closely re-examined voting laws and procedures.  “And for a long time, we've had a trend of liberalizing and increasing the amount of ways folks can vote. In several places, it goes back several weeks,” Mr. Baran said.  “That's all a function of making it easier for folks to vote. While that's making it easier to have voting, it raises concerns about the integrity of the voting process and whether it invites fraud. And that's what all the fighting is about between the Republicans and the Democrats.”

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