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Jan Baran Comments on the John Edwards Trial

CBS News
April 12, 2012

Wiley Rein Election Law & Government Ethics Practice co-chair Jan Baran appeared on CBS News in a preview of the criminal trial  of  former presidential candidate John Edwards, who is accused of breaking campaign finance laws in order to hide an extramarital affair.

In June 2011, a federal grand jury indicted the former Democratic senator from North Carolina for accepting nearly $1 million to hide his pregnant mistress in lavish accommodations.

"The case is unusual because it is first time the Department of Justice has prosecuted somebody on the allegation that they raised and helped spend some money to basically hide a mistress and a child,” said Mr. Baran. "The issue is whether the reason for that was to prevent personal embarrassment and perhaps keep this information away from Mrs. Edwards, or whether this was all calculated to help him in his campaign.

"Mr. Baran added that prosecutors must prove Mr. Edwards knew using the money was improper under campaign finance laws, which he has denied.

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