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Wiley Rein's Jan Baran Discusses Decline in Spending on Outside Lobbying Firms

Roll Call
May 11, 2011

Wiley Rein Election Law & Government Ethics Practice co-chair Jan Baran discussed the decline in spending by corporations, unions and other groups on outside lobbying firms in a Roll Call article. Over the past ten years, many organizations have turned to in-house lobbying teams which has resulted in a fall in the market share of outside firms from 60% in 2005 to a little more than 42% last quarter. “With the combination of a reduced legislative Congressional agenda and a change in control of the House, I would expect the first folks to be cut would be outside lobbyists,” Mr. Baran said. “If I need fewer lobbyists [as a company], I am not going to necessarily fire my employees. I am going to terminate the contracts with my outside lobbyists,” he added. “While the recession is a factor in less money being spent on lobbying overall, the bigger reason is that the major lobbying issues—including health care and banking reformsĀ­—were dealt with in the previous Congress,” Mr. Baran explained. “I would take a look at how much was on Congress’ plate in 2009 and how much of that was eaten by 2010,” he concluded.

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