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Jan Baran Discusses Money in Politics on Fifth Anniversary of Citizens United

The Diane Rehm Show
January 20, 2015

Jan Witold Baran, co-chair of Wiley Rein’s Election Law & Government Ethics Practice, was a featured guest on The Diane Rehm Show during a discussion on the influence of money in politics on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Citizens United v. FEC decision by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Mr. Baran, who represented the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in the Citizens United case, said the court’s ruling ensures that corporations and unions are allowed to use money to exercise their First Amendment right to promote speech.

“I don’t think it’s corrupt for any groups—individually or collectively—to finance their political views and disseminate them to the public,” Mr. Baran said.  “And of course, the court has set out criteria for how you can do that without collaborating with a candidate.”

To listen to a recording of today’s program, click here.

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